Bächler Top Track Lance-Pack

V 1.1 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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We presents the Bächler Top Track Lance-Pack. In this pack, of the swiss company ,is the NESSy snowlance and the SnoTek snowlance. One SnoTek can you find in the skiarea Disentis3000.


The NESSy is the snowlance with the invovativst technology, which you can find. She is quieter and he doesn`t broke as many compressed air as normal lances.



Aleso the SnoTek is a very inovative lance. The technology from the SnoTek is based of the NESSy. Whit the inovative jet of the lances, the lance isn`t sensitive of wind.




- Placeable

- true to the original

- the mat can you put away/make on the lance

- (New!)The mat position will be saved by a restart of the game. 



- Put the lance on: B

- take the mat step by step away: S

- make the mat step by step on: W



- Sevi/Tarzan ("owner" Disentis 3000 - the Map, transfer ot the project)

- Jonny48 (Ingame, functions)

- LSBrandi (Sound)

- Bächler Top Track: We thanks a lot for to approve the project and help us!



It istn`t allowed to upload this lances on a otherpace and aleso it isn`t allowed to upload this lances in a revised form. It is only allowed to link the downloadlink on a other page.


support: http://disentis3000.jimdo.com/


Modell: Sevi/Tarzan
Textur: Sevi/Tarzan
Script: Jonny48
Idee / Konzept: Sevi/Tarzan

Unterstützung der Umsetzung und Genehmigung für das Projekt: Bächler Top Track
Sound: LSBrandi


  • 07 Jul 14:54
    Version 1.1

    - Neuer Aufprallschutz
    - NESSy flackert beim Kauf nicht mehr

  • 12 Jun 16:12
    Version 1.0




checksum: 23642e6a77debeb82b64650945f09f7c
Version: 1.1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: Sevi/Tarzan
price in shop: 25000 LS
name in shop: NESSy
description in shop: Die NESSy Schneilanze ist die wohl effizienteste Lanze, die es gibt. Sie verbraucht bis zu 80% weniger Druckluft und hat eine 5mal geringere Lärmemission.

by Sevi/Tarzan feat. Jonny48

10.06 2016
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V 1.1
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
9.31 MB 3162
07. 07 2016 3,162
V 1.0
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
9.32 MB 1086
12. 06 2016 1,086

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