Dons Margarethenhöhe

V 1.0 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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V1.0 Welcome to Don's Margarethenhöhe!


Present in V1:


Main street with a few houses

Start point with ski patrol, snow removal and buy zone


-Sophienalm with 2-chair, 5 runs, Pistenbar, hotels, snow cannon depot trail


Margaret-cap (in V1 still under construction)




Extract from the features:


- Underground parking with various teleporters

- Mountain Rescue Teleport (BT)

- Scoreboard with runway status display

- Scoreboard for winter maintenance with road conditions

- Traffic on the new roads (unfortunately stop the vehicles sometimes)

Distributed buyable station extensions and its mapping predetermined -

- Fleet placed (Modpack4/Standart/DLC1-Beschneiungsanlage/SchneilanzeByAirwaves)

- Menu

- PDA map unfortunately only partly right and partly wrong symbols

- Umgestürtze trees (can be pushed with snow plow, shovel or unexploded device on page)

- Pistenbar



For further information about the features please check here: C3% B6he /




To open the gates and doors of the various halls need the so-called "MapDoorTrigger".




This is a zip file like the zips of the mods must be inserted into the modfolder.


Ingame you then you have to ask directly to the gate and the key: "Numpad 0" key.


If this button does not work, please try once by all the keys and pay attention to the buttons display the top left of the screen.



The her place among




Through the very detailed initial area can on weak PC's, especially in use with the complete ModPack4 come to lagging.


Should it be very lagging please try to play without all the mods from the pack and buy as little Fahrzuege / mods as possible at once in the map.


If there are too many reports of lagging, I think about a kind of "light" in the map to make the elaborate decoration is reduced greatly, but otherwise remains the same map.




Must not be altered or re-uploaded!






It is not allowed to reedit or upload the files again!




All the info's and support:












Luis g.

meistro @ MRA-MODDING




3malx 7

der kommisar

sheep 001





  • 16 Mar 10:34
    Version 1.0



checksum: ab2ba64379d3bdffa149e6b2726667f3
Version: 1.0
multiplayer ready? no
Author: _DonChris_
price in shop: LS
name in shop: Dons Margarethenhoehe V 1.0
description in shop: Willkommen auf der Margarethenhoehe von DonChris ! Darf nicht veraendert oder neu hochgeladen werden ! Support auf ! VIEL SPASS !!!

16.03 2013
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V 1.0
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
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16. 03 2013 11,949

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  1. polatz95 23. 01 2015

    in this map you can find the anchor points for the wind?

    1 replies

  2. Totenfarmer 27. 11 2013

    Really great map, enjoying it, and i`m glad someone continues to mod for srs to, but (yes, there is a but here :D ), the map generates 14 physx warnings, probably incorrect scaled transformgroups, I had one crash with the map, computer specs is not a problem, it might have been a bad allocation error, though the bad allocation warning never showed up, so I have edited the amount of accessible memory. Do you know where these physx errors are located so that I can find them and fix them in my map, and/or will they be fixed in the v2 ?
    Love your work DonChris, so I feel bad mentioning this..

    1 replies

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