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Lizard Lynx snowblowers Vehicle + Lizard Lynx snowblower:


That's the Lizard Lynx snowblowers vehicle + the Lizard Lynx snowblower as Mod. This is the first version of Giants. You can with this snowblowers vehicle, evacuate any amount of snow. No matter how high - no matter how long ... I wish you much fun with the vehicle.




It is strictly forbidden to upload this mod again !!!! Private you can with the mod do what you want. By downloading this mode you explain agree to be trying to follow these rules.




The Mod you need only the mods to move folders. Zufinden the mods folder: Documents / My Games / Ski Simulator 2012 / mods


Questions, simply write in the comments, and wait for responses.


Modell: -
Textur: -
Idee / Konzept:-
Tester: Leon
Sonstige: Giants Software GmbH


  • 03 Mar 20:20
    Version 1



checksum: 33ff862b141b64fd9e28decc11b1bf25
Version: 1
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: GIANTS Software
price in shop: 65000 LS
name in shop: Lizard Lynx Schneefräsenfahrzeug
description in shop: In Verbindung mit der Schneefräse stellt dieses Fahrzeug ein wirkungsvolles Mittel dar, um große Mengen an Schnee zu räumen.

03.03 2017
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V 1
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
2.31 MB 274
03. 03 2017 274

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