Planai Beast

V 1.3 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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Here we present the new snowcat - Planai "BEAST".

It is a multifunctional Planai piste caterpillar in style. The Prinoth Beast snowcat convinced with enormous working width and speed. With the optimum power transmission higher work rates are possible.



Original: SFM-Modding feat. Craig skirt




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It is forbidden this mod in a modified form, without asking the permission of the Urmodders on other sites for download.


It is forbidden this mod in a modified form, without asking the permission of the Urmodders on other sites for download.




  • 17 Aug 17:19
    Version 1.3

    Neu überarbeitet, Schild und Fräse werden zur Pistenraupe mitgeliefert

    -Neue Decals
    -Besseres Fahrverhalten
    - ... uvm.




checksum: 6a0ce625b9c5526e7b1c408f863bb012
Version: 1.3
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: SFM-Modding feat. LSBrandi Modding
price in shop: 380000 LS
name in shop: Planai Beast - Prinoth Pistenraupe
description in shop: Das "PLANAI BEAST" ist eine Multifunktionelle Pistenraupe im Planai Style. Die Prinoth Beast Pistenraupe überzeugt mit enormer Arbeitsbreite und Geschwindigkeit. Durch die optimale Kraftübertragung sind höhere Flächenleistungen möglich. Diese Pistenraupe wird in mehrfacher Ausführung in Schladming auf den beiden Bergen Planai und Hochwurzen eingesetzt.

by LSBrandi Modding / Original: SFM-Modding

23.07 2013
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4.55 / 11 Votes


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V 1.3
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
16.6 MB 3523
17. 08 2015 3,523

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  1. HammarfaLL 27. 12 2016

    Then you must be a quite good moder right? I need you to fix 4 mods, that i know a lot of players would love! I need you to take the tillers from Prinoth Leitwolf (the black and red one), and also the tillers from Pistenbully 600 polar and 400 park. Now i would love it if you could add some controls to these tillers. 1. I want to be able to lower and lift the "wings" on the tillers,. 2. I want to be able to turn them on and off. 3 . I want to be able to lift and lower the tillers manually, like one button for up and on button for down, so i can choose how high or low the tillers will be. Now the most important thing is the wings and on and off function. The 4th mod is a snowcat, id prefer a Leitwolf, in which you can adjust speed of the tiller, how deep its cutting and tiller pressure. This doenst have to work its enough with gauges inside on the screen that shows these 3 thigs, and that you can adjust it. Also i want the bands to leave marks in the snow. I would so love these features!! I can pay you 50 euros when the mods are finished and ive tested them. Thank you

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