SUFAG TwinPower

V 1.2 mod for Ski-Region-Simulator 2012

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LSBrandi and AMC present the SUFAG TwinPower.


These snow cannon offers a double volume of snow. An Optimum pressure control behavior with this coordinated nozzle ring geometry, a
Significant performance advantage at marginal temperatures, a Service-friendly assembly of all machine components and a high resistance value provides the SUFAG
Double snow guns.

The Schneipreis was lowered now costs the equivalent of € 216 Bescheiung


Small Additional info: To vermeindlich unötige Comments: This Snowblower does not exist in reality. However, we will soon provide even a single snow gun SUFAG (Compact Power) on Modhoster.




This model was skinned based on the GIANTS Twin Cannon and changed.




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It is forbidden to put this mod in un-/veränderter form without the permission of the Urmodders on other pages for download.


It is forbidden this mod in a un-/modified form, without asking the permission of the Urmodders on other sites for download.




  • 25 May 12:09
    Version 1.2

    Version 1.2



checksum: ef01eb13d666f36502dc8a0b643ce6ab
Version: 1.2
multiplayer ready? yes
Author: LSBrandi
price in shop: 70950 LS
name in shop: SUFAG Twin Power
description in shop: Ein Optimales Druckregelverhalten mit dazu abgestimmter Dsenkranzgeometrie,ein
Deutlicher Leistungsvorsprung im Grenztemperaturbereich, eine Servicefreundliche Anordnung aller Maschinenkomponenten und eine Hohe Wertbestndigkeit bietet der SUFAG

25.05 2014
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V 1.2
Ski-Region-Simulator 2012
3.01 MB 2006
25. 05 2014 2,006